Chosen out of the multitude of marvels said to have been wrought throughout the Christian world by the powerful intercession of the Venerable Thérèse, the first two that follow were proposed for examination for the Cause (for canonization).

1) Sister Louise of St. Germain of the Daughters of the Cross suffered from an organic disease, a grave ulcer in the stomach that was hemorraghic. On having recourse to the intercession of Thérèse she was restored to perfect health, as three eminent doctors unanimously testified at the request of the Sacred Congregation of Rites.

2) The second miracle was somewhat similar to the first. It involved the cure of a young seminarian, Charles Anne. Charles was a victim of pulmonary haemoptysis of the cavitary stage. He confidently invoked the aid of the Servant of God and was perfectly cured. This was clear from the testimony of three doctors and from the reasons on which they based their decisions.

The Carmel at Lisieux has received - and still receives thousands of reports of cures like the ones described below. And not everybody who is cured thinks of writing.

M.M. (1993)
"I was taking various tranquilizers as a safety measure, having tried repeatedly and unsuccessfully to give them up. But I was hopeful, as I had already managed to cut down the dose.
In July 1992, I prayed to Thérèse in the basilica at Lisieux. Since last October I have gradually stopped taking the Atarax 25 and some of the Urbanyl 10 which I had been using since my depressions started in April 1978, 14 1/2 years ago. Saint Thérèse granted my wish to stop being dependent on these tranquilizers. The depression has gone, even if my memory is not as good as it used to be and I still sleep badly" (A prescription from November 1991 is enclosed, listing eight different medicines).

PIERRE QUENNEVILLE (1982, Montréal, Canada)
"I am married and have a young child. I had to go into hospital on 22 June last for an operation on a cyst complicated by an infected abcess, which was causing me atrocious pain. I also had bad diabetes and chronic polyneuritis. I could not remain standing for more than half-a-minute. On 15 July, I called Brother Dominic of Jesus. He asked me if I believed in the 'little Thérése', I said that I did, and added that I had always tried to follow her spiritual way. He advised me to put a medal of her on each of my legs and to pray for a cure. It was 9.30 in the evening when my wife put the medals on my legs, and I went to Thérése's shrine in my wheelchair and began praying. I turned to my wife, who asked me: 'Do you have faith?' I answered that I had. 'Then walk.' I got out of the wheelchair immediately and started to walk calmly, although I was afraid that the intense pain would come back. After a few minutes, a sudden warmth came over me, and a wave of emotion. I no longer understood what was happening. I was happy, but still afraid of spoiling everything by letting my emotions take over. I went to thank God on my knees at the shrine, and could not get over my amazement. It all happened at 9.40 in the evening. Since then, I have been walking, and I am getting better. I accept the diabetes as my personal cross, made to measure by God especially for me."

EX.G. (1980)
"I first heard about Saint Thérèse in 1966, at a time when I was having political problems with the authorities in my country. But the memory soon faded, because I only knew her by name. In 1973, however, the centenary of her birth, I was suffering from a terrible disease called sarcoidosis, and hit on the idea of making a pilgrimage to Lisieux. That was in August. I prayed with all my heart to Saint Thérèse to cure me and I think she heard me, because, nine months later, my doctor told me that I was cured for good."

A. FAUQUET (Lisieux, 12 December 1908)
"I testify that, since 1 January 1906, my 4 1/2 year-old daughter Reine had been suffering from an eye disease, which the doctors told us was incurable. After sixteen months of useless treatment, my wife took our blind child to Saint Thérése's grave and we began making a novena to the little saint. After only two days, while my wife was at six o'clock Mass, my little Reine suddenly regained her sight after a violent crisis. My wife noticed it first, and I did later. In testimony of which, and with deep gratitude for the miracle worked in our favor, we are signing this certificate in the presence of witnesses." (There follow 11 signatures, and notes added by the doctor who had diagnosed phlyctenular keratitis).

EB. (Toulon)
"I am writing to you because I vowed to tell people about the two miracles which happened in my family. I am the mother of two sons, and their health has been a torment to me. My elder son was in a coma for three months after a car crash, and all the doctors in the intensive care unit had given him up. We prayed to Saint Thérèse to keep him with us, and she heard our prayers. In September, my youngest was left completely paralyzed within twenty minutes by a terrible virus. The doctors gave him no chance of surviving. He spent five and a half months in intensive care, on an artificial lung... Again our prayers were answered and, at the end of six months, a miracle happened and he began talking and walking again. The doctors themselves were amazed."

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